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    6 Retention Mistakes that Leaders Make: How to transition from a “Fear Based Workplace” to “Total Employee Engagement”

    Date: September 29, 2011, 11:15am – 1:30pm
    SHRM Olympia
    Lacey Community Center Lacey, WA
    $10.00 - attendees will provide own "brown bag" lunch
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                  Employers must make a decision to act now and implement proven and effective employee engagement programs to protect their employer-of-choice status or to react in a post-turnover approach with massive quantities of short-term fix retention band aids. The generational imbalance is official. Gen X’rs and Millenials will dominate the new workforce for the next 20 years and they are very specific on what they desire in an engaged workforce.

    Specific goals with constant feedback
    • Personal growth & development
    • Fair distribution of rewards
    • Respect through interpersonal relationships
    • Being involved in difficult business decisions
    • Offered opportunities to question leader’s direction

    Companies who struggle with the Six Dangerous Retention Mistakes promote a culture of “Employee Destruction” vs. Employee Retention.

    1. Focusing on Retention Programs vs. Retention Processes
    2. Supporting a Fear-Based Workplace
    3. Confusing Employee Engagement with Employee Destruction
    4. Not Supporting a Multi-Generational Friendly Workplace
    5. Not Holding Supervisors Accountable for Retention
    6. Not Narrowing the Front Door to Close the Back Door


    To Register: email: and put in the subject line, "I want to register for Jack Smalley's 09/29 program" . We will see you there!