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Call for Presentations


    For our annual conference and monthly meetings, SHRM Olympia’s goal is to create lively and valuable learning and networking experiences for every participant.

    We are seeking proposals for workshops that will:

    • Engage each participant in dialogue about future human resource issues facing our business communities.
    • Introduce innovative programs that are successful and sustainable into the future.
    • Cover hot topics that are relevant for the variety of experience levels of the HR professionals that will be attending our programs.

    If you have a topic that you believe fits with these goals, we invite you to submit a presentation proposal for our upcoming annual conference or monthly meetings. We are looking for presenters with proven expertise and public speaking ability. All presenters receive admission free of charge.

    Preparing to Submit

    Please read through these instructions thoroughly for a full understanding of the process prior to submitting your proposal. We will not be able to consider proposals submitted with incomplete information.

    • Presenter contact information
    • Presentation title
    • Presentation summary / workshop description (no more than 100 words)
    • Three to five learning objectives
    • Brief speaker biography
    • Proof of performance
    • HRCI number, if your program has been pre-approved for credit in the past

    To Submit a Proposal

    Complete the online submission form and provide the required information. If your presentation is selected, the information provided on the form will be used in SHRM Olympia publications, including, but not limited to, brochures and our website. SHRM Olympia reserves the right to edit your presentation title, presentation description, and/or your biographical sketch as necessary, taking care not to alter the intended meaning.

    Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

    If selected, the registration fees will be waived; however, lodging, transportation and other costs related to presenting are the presenter’s responsibility unless agreed upon by SHRM Olympia.

    Workshop Presentation Formats

    The intent of SHRM Olympia programs is to provide a variety of presentation topics to attract different clientele, while also increasing the degree of interaction among the participants. Presentation style is as important to the success of this conference as is the specific topic proposed by potential speakers.

    SHRM Olympia invites experienced speakers to propose sessions that will fit into one or more of the tracks described below, with content relevant to HR employees in Washington state. The goal is to comprehensively engage participants to provide a highly rewarding experience with maximum value.

    Conference Tracks

    • Choice Employers - An employer who offers equitable compensation, benefits and perks in addition to providing a work culture and work environment that attract and retain employees. An employer of choice truly favors the well-being of their employees. We would welcome topics ranging from; opportunities for career advancement, training and development, rewards and recognition, fairness, freedom and respect, access to information and employee communication, commitment, involvement, positive relationships with coworkers or work/life balance programs. We would like to know how an HR professional can build a business case to their employers on becoming an employer of choice. 
    • Employee Engagement - Companies with higher levels of engaged employees outperform their competition. Presenters will share data backed research on how to engage employees, the importance of doing so, recruitment and retention costs of a non-engaged workforce, and innovative methods used in our competitive labor market. 

    Program Tracks

    • Talent Acquisition and Strategy - In today’s talent-based economy, the workforce itself is arguably the most important tangible asset of most organizations. As a result talent acquisition, and retention pressures have never been greater. Today’s workforce does not feel financially or emotionally bound to employers the way previous generations may have, so getting applicants in the door is no longer the primary objective. Organizations now need to respond with proactive talent acquisition and retention strategies. Presenters will provide ways to acquire and retain employees in today’s changing environment.
    • Legal and Legislative Update - Presenters will share legal, legislative, and regulatory developments impacting employment and HR practices and will glean guidance for both ensuring compliance and the implementation of best practices.
    • Total Rewards – In today’s tight labor market, your total rewards strategy is more important than ever. Presenters will provide ways to develop total rewards strategies and tactics that align with the work culture within an organization, supports the organization, and achieves a balance between direct and indirect financial compensation.
    • Diversity and Inclusion – Attendees will learn how to foster awareness and appreciation of workplace diversity issues through thought leadership, strategy development, resources, and professional development. Attendees will learn how to better evaluate and articulate the strategic business value of diversity in the workplace, enabling them to build more diverse and inclusive cultures in their organizations.
    • Business Acumen and HR Strategy - Attendees will be provided with the business acumen needed to identify new opportunities, define organizational goals and initiatives, and implement effective strategies to help the business gain a competitive advantage. Presenters will focus on how to define, communicate and implement HR Strategies that support the culture and goals of the organization.
    • Personal and Leadership Development 

    Each proposal should indicate the workshop track most appropriate for it.

    Proof of Performance

    SHRM Olympia seeks experienced presenters with proven speaking ability – those who are engaging while maintaining command of their audience and who can provide proof of performance. Any of the following formats below would be acceptable.

    • Local SHRM chapter referrals or references – please provide names and contact information of an individual associated with a SHRM chapter who have attended or can vouch for your presentation content and style.
    • Evaluation summaries that show your quality ratings and scores from previous speaking engagements. Please include the number of attendees present and your topic, and explain the ratings received.
    • Videos of yourself presenting a workshop. Promotional videos about your organization or highlighting products and services or interviews on a television show are not acceptable proof of performance.

    Submitter Responsibilities

    • Meet all deadlines. 
    • Once accepted, provide your presentation in electronic format to SHRM Olympia no later than the deadline provided upon confirmation of selection. The format should be in MS PowerPoint. You must present the workshop content as you describe it in your submission.
    • If possible, include ”Next Steps” or recommended actions for attendees to encourage practical application after the workshop.
    • Consistent with the presentation format, include at least one two-person or small group exercise that can be facilitated in an interactive environment to encourage attendee interaction as a way to further illustrate your message and as another form of networking.
    • In your workshop, announce that your presentation can be downloaded from the conference website.
    • Do not add a co-presenter or change the identity or number of presenters without approval. Submissions with multiple presenters must be submitted as a single proposal. All proposed presenters must agree to terms and conditions of the Call for Presentations.
    • Honor SHRM Olympia’s commitment to provide meaningful, applicable education by not promoting the presenter’s practice, services, or products. Your business logo may only appear in the footer of your presentation or on handouts. We encourage you to include your contact information on a closing slide so that attendees may contact you should they desire to do so.
    • If selected, allow SHRM Olympia to copy your presentation materials to our website, or to a conference USB drive, if sponsored, or to any other electronic source for distribution.