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SHRM Olympia Chapter History

    The SHRM Olympia Chapter is an independent affiliate of the National Society for Human Resource Management, serving human resource professionals, managers, and executives in Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Grays Harbor, and Pacific Counties.

    Our History

    The SHRM Olympia Chapter originally formed in 2004 as a satellite of the SHRM South Puget Sound Chapter in Tacoma, Washington. Because of strong interest and participation in local events, we officially chartered the Olympia Chapter in July 2005. Starting with only 10-15 volunteers, the SHRM Olympia Chapter now has over 170 official members, and has active participation from over 200 human resource professionals throughout the region!

    I recall that first meeting where a dozen or so volunteers sat around a table to discuss a partnership with the South Puget Sound Chapter to offer Olympia Satellite meetings. We started with caution offering our first program to a packed room in the backroom of a small restaurant in Tumwater where we educated 50 people on the issues of ADA. We never expected our first meeting to get so much attention and we certainly weren’t prepared for that many people. We continued offering monthly meetings for another full year before we decided to make our official split from the South Puget Sound Chapter. We gladly accepted the SPS Chapter’s words of wisdom and experience as we embarked on our quest to become an independent affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management.

    Charter Members

    We recognize and thank the charter members of SHRM Olympia who helped launch our chapter:

    Nikki A. Barnard SPHR

    Gregory Baxter

    Shavanna Burlingame

    Diane Christie, SPHR

    Amy Cuoio

    Pat Curry, SPHR

    Marie Davis SPHR

    Trisha A. Donohue PHR

    E. Alexandra Duncan

    John S. Eastin

    Jan Marie Ferrell SPHR

    Linda Gorseth, PHR

    Christine M. Greenwalt

    Kelly A. Gwin

    Phyllis A. Halliday

    Patricia Hazzard

    Dorothy Hibbard

    Laura Kirschner

    Susan Latham

    Brett Lorentson

    Laurie A. Milligan SPHR

    Sherer Murtiashaw

    Dan Myers

    Michelle A. Nielsen

    Leslie A. Petersen

    Patsy L. Rammel

    Melanie Ransom PHR

    Lauren Lopp

    Michael W. Sanders SPHR

    Mark Sullivan, SPHR

    Leeanna Strehlow

    Melissa Taylor

    Jonnita Thompson, PHR

    Jessica Todorovich

    Alysha Myers PHR

    Judith E. Utter PHR

    Melanie Watness SPHR

    Devi Watson SPHR

    Kenneth J. Wilson

    Terry Wilson

    Catthi Olson

    Gail Ryan, SPHR

    Mary Beth Ryan



    Chapter Presidents

    2004 -  2005 -
    2006 -  2007 - 
    2008 -  2009 - 
    2010 -  2011 - 
    2012 -  2013 - 
    2014 -  2015 - 
    2016 -  2017 - 
    2018 - 2019 - Sue Richards, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
    2020 - Nichole Seick, PHR, SHRM-CP 2021 - Wayne Jones, PHR
    2022 - Nichole Seick, PHR, SHRM-CP                2023 - Jerame Johnson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP