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    Own Your A-Game: Fullfill on Your Potential -- Lunch Meeting

    Date: June 11, 2019, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Cheryl Knight
    Lacey Community Center
    6729 Pacific Ave SE
    Olympia, WA 98503
    $10 SHRM Members or students; $15 Non-SHRM Members
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    How can a concert violinist help increase the bottom line?

    Diane knows the personal barriers that keep people from operating in their A-Game, especially when it matters most. As a performance and leadership speaker, Diane speaks for associations, corporations, and various organizations that rely on high performance. Audiences gain their own personalized steps for consistent excellence, increasing their effectiveness, their engagement, and the bottom line.

    Unlike other peak performance speakers, Diane is not an athlete. She was the concertmaster (the lead violin player) of the Central Oregon Symphony for 15 years where she was expected to be in her A-Game. Any mistake on her part immediately caused a negative ripple effect throughout the orchestra. Being on stage well over 1,000 times, Diane has a proven track record which she now passionately shares as the 3 critical steps to Own Your A-Game.

    Are you left scratching your head when you hire outstanding leadership talent only to find out that they don’t meet the objectives of business strategies? What qualities are not identified by assessments or the interview process? What are the key qualities that job applicants possess but they are blind to like a fish is blind to water? The Own Your A-Game system utilizes a discovery process so you can shine the light on your job applicants’ key qualities and best match them with organizational strategies. For example: If an applicant is in their A-Game when they are deeply listening, would you place them to oversee people who are in need of specific directions? You would meet organizational strategies if you could find an applicant who is in their A-Game when they are teaching.

    Objective: Identifying unique leadership competencies so you can confidently place talent that makes organizational strategies come to fruition is a must have skill for HR professionals. Participants in this session will learn a process to identify unique leadership competencies, use those competencies to develop influence, and retain top talent by helping people to be resilient

    Participants will:

    • Define a person’s most compelling self-motivator and use that information to strategically place them in the right leadership role.
    • Refine that person’s leadership style by identifying their most compelling external motivator greatly increasing their ability to influence others.
    • Unleash that person’s ability to lead under high pressure by teaching them specific stress management tools.
    • Leave knowing how to implement the Own Your A-Game system. 


    1.0 General HRCI Credit - APPROVED!

    1.0 SHRM Credit - APPROVED!

    News! SHRM Olympia is now able to accept cash, check, and credit at the registration table the morning of the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

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