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    2018 Annual Conference: The Fight for Talent – Why Engagement Matters!

    Date: May 15, 2018, 7:30am – 4:30pm
    Nichole Seick
    Lacey Community Center
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    The Fight for Talent - Why Engagement Matters

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      SHRM Olympia is proud to present Ms. Amy Leneker as our morning keynote speaker. Amy is an accomplished and experienced public administrator, trainer and facilitator.  Amy has worked in state government for over 20 years, and has led teams for 15 of those years. She is known for her trusted advice, her proven track record of delivering results, and her optimistic attitude.  Amy holds a Masters of Public Administration and is a certified mediator.

        Authentic Leadership: How to be your best self on even the worst day
        Objective: This engaging and interactive program will explore  
        authentic leadership – what is it and why does it matter? We will look
        at authentic leadership in action and we will explore the significant
        connection to our strengths.

        Takeaway: Participants will leave with an individualized authentic
        leadership plan.


      Additional spreakers will be announced as we move closer to the conference. Stay tuned for additional details!

      7:30 AM

      Breakfast and Networking

      8:00 AM
      1.5 Hr

      Keynote Speaker – Amy Leneker
      Authentic Leadership: How to be your best self on even the worst day

      This engaging and interactive program will explore authentic leadership – what is it and why does it matter? We will look at Authentic Leadership in action and we will explore the significant connection to our strengths.  Participants will leave with an individualized authentic leadership plan.

      9:30 AM

      Morning Break

      9:45 AM
      1.5 Hr

      Breakout Sessions

      Shawn Madden
      Friend-Building in the Workplace

      How Friend-Building can help you create an awesome company culture and recruit and retain the vital employees you need for future success. Attendees will learn: two office immunities you must build, 5 phases of office friendships, scientific ingredients for building friendships, and the power of breaking office silo.

      Lynn E. Taylor
      The Price of Boredom: How Much Disengaged Employees Cost a Company

      Explore what would happen if companies had only top performers in every seat, how to find them, and the exponential savings that result.  Learn how aligning the work of a given job with a candidate's innate preference for certain tasks leads to increased productivity, job satisfaction and revenues, while reducing turnover. Attendees will learn: the cost of a bad hire, how to build teams of only A and B players (top performers), discover the measurable energy all humans have and how to leverage it in the workplace, how small changes in an employee's responsibilities can have huge impact on the bottom line, and how becoming engaged with your work makes you a top performer.

      11:15 AM

      Mid-morning Break

      11:30 AM
      1 Hr

      Breakout Sessions

      Wayne Jones
      Why Hire a Veteran?

      This presentation will cover current veteran hiring issues, make the case for hiring veterans to fill vacancies in your organization, discuss veterans' preference laws in Washington State, discuss illegal hiring practices as they pertain to veteran applicants, and provide tangible ROI for employers who hire certain veterans. Attendees will learn: identify tangible rewards for hiring veterans, identify how to access veterans/transitioning service members, understand veteran employment laws.

      Coming soon!

      12:30 PM

      Lunch Provided

      1:30 PM
      1 Hr

      Breakout Sessions

      Thomas Tomasevic
      Understanding Millennials - Understand, Engage, and Develop Excellence in Your Millennial Employees

      This session focuses on primary people objectives: understanding people, hiring, managing, and leading effectively -- with help of employee analytics. We will focus on the Millennial generation. Millennials are the largest incoming cohort, and they have different expectations, values and hopes. We will use one thing they rely on – technology – to engage them, help them, and - improve our businesses results. Attendees will learn: what makes Millennial different that the prevision generations: their expectations, preferences and self-perceptions, how to approach Millennials as an employer, and what to focus on, and what changes to our way of doing business do we need to do to survive and thrive in this generational change.

      Anna  Meiners
      Focus on Mental Health Bolsters Workplace Wellness

      Many employers are taking a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing. A key component is recognizing the diverse needs within your population. However, many times mental health is left out of the equation. Although 1 in 5 adults in the United States are coping with a mental health issue, adapting your company culture and wellness programs to meet this broad spectrum of needs presents a significant challenge.  This session will provide strategies to create an inclusive culture, reduce stigma, and focused approaches for meeting the mental health needs of your employees. Participants will have a greater understanding of mental health issues in the workplace. Attendees will learn: participants will be able to identify steps for nurturing inclusiveness and engagement in the workplace, participants will learn strategies to manage common challenges including stigma, organizational and/or individual resistance, and participants will be introduced to successful strategies employers are using to incorporate mental health into their workplace wellness program (case studies).

      2:30 PM

      Afternoon Break

      2:45 PM
      1 Hr

      Betty Lochner
      Culture Shift: Igniting and Sustaining Positive Change

      This session will explore how to build an effective and engaging work culture from where you are now. You will learn how to create or re-create a work culture that will improve communication, enhance relationships, and result in better employee engagement. Attendees will learn: how to assess and identify gaps in your current organizational culture, how to inspire people to contribute to a more positive culture, and tips and tools to actively build a substantially better, dramatically different culture.

      3:45 PM

       Wrap Up and Raffle - Sue Richards, 2018 SHRM Olympia President

      4:00 PM  Conclude

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      6.0 HRCI Credit - PENDING!

      6.0 SHRM Credit - PENDING!