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    The Future of Human Resources – A Northwest Forecast

    Date: June 24, 2014, 11:00am – 1:00pm
    Melanie Garrison
    Lacey Community Center
    $10.00 SHRM members / $15.00 non SHRM members
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    Chapter Meeting
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    Marcus Mann is an experienced instructor, performance coach, and HR professional. He facilitates rapid organizational change and motivates influence through customized training and problem solving. He serves and trains within the financial, legal, and nonprofit communities. Clients include Washington and Utah Bankers Associations, Coldwell-Bain, U.S. Coast Guard, the Washington State Department of Transportation & Insurance Pool, Sur La Table, and numerous confidential clients. Marcus is currently the Director of HR and Organizational Development for Sound Community Bank in Seattle, Washington.  Equipped with life-changing experiences, Marcus offers a fresh perspective regarding professionalism, problem solving, and how to leverage individual responsibility for influence at every level. During the past 10 years he’s served as the Executive Director of Employee Development for a Seattle-based organization while launching Sound Predictions LLC. His experience includes teaching as adjunct instructor for University of Washington and Pacific Lutheran University. Prior to corporate service, he spent 20+ years in public safety and community leadership as a manager for the Police Academy, Hostage Negotiations Team Leader, Public Information Officer, and as a Critical Incident Stress Counselor.

    Will you be an effective human resource professional in 5 years? How will your company’s future success be measured and how will you help ensure the highest levels of employee satisfaction, productivity, and profitability?

    This presentation will share a five year forecast helpful to human resource professionals in the northwestern United States. Organizational development professionals researched the soft skills and strategic initiatives past, present, and needed in the future, identifying both positive and negative patterns of performance. Following a stop, start, continue process, researchers gleaned the best and the worst management practices through interviews and the examination of 8000 documents. Research led to a healthy forecast worthy of consideration.

    This presentation will share the takeaways and other positive coaching, training, and strategic initiatives to consider as we move toward 2020.

    1.5 Strategic Credit - APPROVED!

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